‘Penjawat awam masih sokong PN kerana tersinggung sikap kerajaan kini’ – Ilham Centre

KUALA LUMPUR: Not understanding Madani Malaysia’s point of view, Malaysian and Islamic sentiments have come to the fore, which is why officials in six states are still “stuck” under the former administration of Tan Sri Mukaidin Yassin.

The findings were obtained through qualitative research through in-depth interviews with 200 public officials about their perceptions.

Ilham Center CEO Muhammad Hasumuddin Bakar said the six states – Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Penang, Kedah, Terengganu and Kelantan – have a diverse workforce, including teachers, police, military and administrative officials.

The word “fazil” means that the officials interviewed chose to support Muhyiddin’s administration as the eighth prime minister.

“Of approximately 217 respondents, more than 90 percent support Muhyiddin’s Berikhtan Nasional (BN).

I personally interviewed 60 of them and they agreed that they feel comfortable under the rule of Muhyiddin, considered the savior of Malaysia and Muslims.

“Officials felt that the government trusted them at that time to carry out their duties without any controversy or wrongdoing,” he told BHK here.

On the other hand, Mohammad Hussamuddin admitted that the officials of the current administration are “angry” with the actions of the current leadership and accused the group of corruption.

He said that the current government is also making efforts for the welfare of government employees along with salaries.

In fact, he said, even the officials he met with dismissed some ministers as incompetent and acknowledged a lack of support for a coalition government.

He said ministers who focus on security are seen as “golden-faced” leaders and are very careful in reporting.

“However, the opposition’s attacks include ministers accused of excessive propaganda, corrupt officials, and telling the story of policies and actions against Malaysian citizens.” It will be considered dismissal without merit.

“The survey revealed that employees are frustrated and some of them feel that such actions are embarrassing for the security department,” he said.

Mohd Hussamuddin said that other officials in the Muhyiddin administration, who led the PN component Persat party under the Pakatan Harapan (PH) administration in 2018, were also affected by “black memory”.

Five years ago, during the APS regime, the leaders wanted to cut the civil service and expressed concern that the position of malas and Muslims was threatened.

Until the end of the PH rule under the Muhyiddin administration in 2020, civil servants continued to feel vulnerable.

But after several reports linking these public servants to corruption, the administration has now come to the same position.

He said that this is the time when the administration wants to clarify the government’s policy orders, especially Madani’s opinion to public servants and ensure that their status is not affected.

Because if this feeling continues, there is a possibility that resentment (dissatisfaction) will arise among government employees against the administration and the efforts of the government will be hampered.

“Because whatever the officials do, they don’t do it honestly, because some of them criticize Malaysia’s Madani policy, which is considered lazy, so they end up siding with the government and giving them more isolation.

I hope the support for Muhyiddin will continue even in the next 16 general elections if no action is taken.

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