Jangan persoal pemain pilihan Pan Gon

KUALA LUMPUR: Kim Bang-Gon has urged fans not to dispute the list of players nominated for two international friendlies next month.

South Korean coach Junior Altstal said he had reduced his playing time, sparking anger from some fans.

National football legend Datuk Jamal Nasir Ismail was adamant that Pan Gun should be given the space and chance to build a better Harimau Malaya team.

Ban was known for the series of troops who called for friendly action against Syria and China on September 6 and 9 in Chengdu, China.

The 54-year-old said he will work with the manager to develop his plan based on the shortlist of selected players to build a strong team ahead of the Asian Cup final in January.

“The selection of players depends on the coach’s choice of which players he wants and which players he wants. We give Ban Khan full authority to build the team. This friendly competition is the main goal of him.” No, but the Asian Cup.

“So if we don’t give him a place to choose, it’s hard because he knows better and sees all the players. Only netizens watch, so only us outsiders know the opinion.

“Being a junior, there are people who say that he should not be invited. But that is our opinion, from his (Boon Konin’s) point of view, something is expected of the player.

“We’ll let him pick the player he wants. It depends on whether that player plays enough minutes because he knows more,” he told PH Skin.

According to the 26-player roster announced yesterday, Ban Gunn invited 15 of the 26 players to the main training camp in Kuala Terengganu last June, including recently suspended striker Faisal Halim.

Furthermore, Jamal feels that Faisal Harimao deserves to be in the Malaysian national team despite not having played a single minute of the game after a month-long ban by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

“I think (the suspension) is not a problem because he (Faisal) has not trained or played. We want to give him a chance, even if he doesn’t play for a minute, he wants to show it. I can do it well. I can do it,” he said.

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